Nicolas Tomaneng Jurado
September 1924 - May 2006

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June 11, 2006

Aloha everyone, I am sorry I haven't gotten this up sooner - everything has gotten so hectic with Grandma living with us now.  We've all had to make adjustments in our schedules, and we've all learned a few new skills.  As for myself, I've learned how to tube feed, some transferring skills, and proper body mechanics.  Grandma is very cooperative, and thankfully - not helpless.  She has no problem with letting us know if she needs something, and even helps out on chores such as changing.  She also helps me out alot by reminding me about things that I forget.  There have been cases where she'd call me back into the house because I've forgotten a book or soda on the chair.  She may not be able to speak - but I can tell her mind is as sharp as ever.

Anyway, as promised, I will be getting this site up and running as I have time.  I've already gotten a video submission from Uncle Mario.  If you think you're tech savvy enough to do so, please e-mail me stuff.  It doesn't even have to be photos or videos.  Send me your stories, memories, and letters.  I'll be sure to post them up as well.

You can send me stuff at  Much love to all of you!

~ Chris Jurado